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Madras Tiffin Center

Branding for Madras Tiffin Service® (MTC) We have designed a Brand Logo & Visual Identity.

Madras Tiffin Service is a South Indian brand that has started businesses in London. I have identified this brand by a design. The line above the logo indicates the identity of the South Indian.

This is a vegetarian brand. Madras Tiffin Service was established in 1989 and started its business in London in 2021.

Which makes 100 South Indian dishes like dosa, Upma, Idli etc.

Madras Tiffin Service has identified me with the design of the first international brand, this is a matter of pride for me. There were many ups and downs while doing this branding and finally there was a successful branding. The design of this branding is also liked by the client.

With all these things in mind, a brand has been identified. The product of Madras Tiffin Service is characterized by its dosa.