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Jaherat Design has been created me by my own ideas and work. It has been also given a proper logo and identity itself. Although, I thought about having our own design page and own ideas in it were all the ideas are made by my own and there I have created “JaheratDesign”. Our Ads should be attractive, catchy, and strong which relate to the people immediately.

What is the branding process?


The research phase of the branding project is about gathering information and analysing the findings to get to know your business, industry, competitors, target audience and all of your existing branding and design.


The brand strategy is based on the findings of the brand research. While the research phase is about exploration, this step is for focusing and consolidating your values, business aspirations and vision for the future.


Without design, you wouldn’t be able to deliver the strategy. The design phase is what translates brand values into practical solutions such as a memorable and meaningful visual brand identity.

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