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ElaReve – Jewelry Branding Identity Design

Ela Reve Brand Identity Design
Ela Reve, a  lab-grown diamond jewelry, is synonymous with sustainable luxury and contemporary elegance. Our design for Ela Reve’s brand identity encapsulates these values through a harmonious blend of visual elements.
The logo features a sophisticated diamond icon, intricately incorporating the letters ‘E’ and ‘R’ within its facets. This design element symbolizes both the precision and brilliance of Ela Reve’s exquisite jewelry pieces. The chosen typeface is minimal yet luxurious, reflecting the brand’s modern and refined aesthetic. It complements the logo, creating a cohesive and elegant visual identity.
The color palette of olive green and golden adds a touch of opulence and timelessness. Olive green evokes a sense of tranquility and natural beauty, while golden accents signify luxury, quality, and the brilliance of the diamonds. Together, these elements create a brand identity that speaks to Ela Reve’s commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, sustainable practices, and luxurious design, appealing to discerning individuals who value both elegance and environmental responsibility.