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Beanery Cafe

The brand itself giving us the idea of all the Icon which are showing in the logo. BEANERY has made of 5 items they are Tea & Coffee, Food, Lips, Sun and Spoon which help to make cafe & food things. The design consists of elements that represent the definitive cafe branding.

*Tea & Coffee – Represents Tea (Chai) Or Fresh Coffee. *Food – A Symbol Of Noodle & Pasta. A Treat, Pleasure And Enjoyment. *Lips – Represents looking good food and taste. *Sun – Clean, Healthy And Sparkling With Energy. *Spoon – A Symbol Of Nutritions, Tasting And Cooking.

BEANERY (quality food at cheap price). Mostly with quick service menu where every food in the menu won’t take max 10 minute to be at customer table. Beanery Cafe is based in Udaipur.