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Liquid By Mirna

Project Name – Liquid By Mirna
Category – Jewellery brand

The symbol of this brand has been identified with liquid, any jewelery product is made by melting the metal when it is made and has made a drop and artistic design in the symbol so that the enthusiasm increases and looks premium.

Modern women seeking contemporary yet meaningful approach to jewellery. The brand core is feminine & colourful, exclusively designed for the woman who wants to feel confidant and individual at every occasion. Everyday luxe jewellery, charged with symbolism and designed to treasure, express and empower womasn of today.

Liquid By Mirna’s romance with colour and mysticism of stones and a philosophy to create beautiful, feminine pieces of jewellery is an undeniable facet of the brands unfaltering allure. Using silver and gold, laden with individually sourced semi precious stones, the designs reflect a sense of balance and proportion.